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My Enchanted Rooms Decorating

Enchanted Trees

Who doesn't want to sleep under a Magical Tree?!

Alice Mokhovykova makes from scratch life-like trees, of the size and shape that you want that can fit in any room.

Her trees are made from natural material such as branches, clay, moss and water based paint.


You can choose from a wide range of fabric leaves and silk flowers to make your tree as fluffy or as thin as you like

The result is a solid fairy tale tree that looks like a real one

Built in LED lights or figurines of your choice are also an option.

Enchanted Rooms 

Wake up to the room of your dreams!

How about falling asleep in a room that really looks like you?

Alice Mokhovykova creates wonderful rooms that match their universe and personality.

Let us create together a global design that will make you feel  at home!

Enchanted 3D walls

Bring some depth and perspective into your walls!


No more boring stickers on yopur wall!

We make a 3D items that will ctreate a real « wow » effect.

IWe use MDF wooden plaques, saw them to the desired shape, paint them and in order to make the decor as realistic as possible, we add relevant features to it. (like faux fur for a cat.)

Think of a fury rabbit, a wooden house or a fence against your wall! The sky is the limit!

Price list / Prijslijst 

Enchanted Rooms design + realization


Enchanted 3D Walls


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Your Unique Room

Do you fancy an Enchanted Room of your own?

We can go as far as you like creating your unique Enchanted Room, lights, animals, trees, fairies,
you name it!

But it's not just for little girls that dream of
big things!
I can also make playfull rooms for fearless boys with wild dreams or an safe haven to retreat in for adults. 

So whatever the dream, Alice makes it happen!

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